En hälsning från Bob Kelly.

18 dec,2021

Ett av höstens nyhetsbrev handlade om årsmötet och tidigare ägare till Indigo #31,
Bob Kelly kommenterade såhär trevligt:

Thank you Kåge.  
I must say I become nostalgic when I see Bengt and Bibi and all the gang as well as seeing my beautiful Indigo.  I still remember the day Bengt rang me at my job and told me about the car and how it would look and sold it to me over the phone.  I enjoyed my Years with my Indigo and it was a part of my life for 20 some years but I am satisfied and enjoy reading about it.  

So thank you Kåge for sending me the article.
Best, Bob

Dear Bob
I would like to copy what you just have written for use as a greeting in next newsletter – is that okey?

All the best

Thank you Kåge.  Of course you may use it.  I assume you could feel the emotion I felt when I saw all of you with your Indigos. If you dońt mind, would you please send me a copy.  Old dreams never die they just wait to be fulfilled and that is what Bengt has done.

A great dream, a great guy and a great group.

All my best,